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This award is an effort to acknowledge and honour men and women who are impacting and transforming for the betterment of our great country through their tireless endeavors.

The true mark of a visionary leader lies in creating new paths for others to follow and the ability to see possibilities where none seem to exist.

Aptly, these awards carry the name of one of India’s illustrious sons, Lakshimpat Singhania- a great visionary of the JK Group who was the embodiment of the great Indian awakening during the freedom struggle and the face of a resurgent India after independence.

The Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow has instituted these awards to hounour the infinite genius of the leaders of today’s India who have chosen to make India their karmabhoomi.

Award Categories

  • Business
    - Leader
    - Young Leader (around 45 years)
  • Science & Technology
    - Leader
    - Young Leader (around 45 years)
  • Community Service & Social Upliftment
    - Leader
    - Young Leader (around 45 years)
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